About Tall Oaks Farm
Passion, Perseverance, Patience

Tall Oaks Farm is a full-service thoroughbred breeding and racing operation with its cornerstone being passion, perseverance, and patience.

Passion: A true love of thoroughbreds. More than just enthusiasm or excitement, our passion is ambition that is put into action with as much heart, mind, body, and soul as possible.

Perseverance: Over 40 years of steadfastness and continued effort to achieve success despite the ups and downs of this industry. Endless research and unwavering vision.

Patience: Strong endurance to stay the course and always put what is best for the horses at the forefront.


“Ivan has managed to create his own breeding program by searching out nicks that work with his mares. He has also supported his own program by racing many of them and thereby controlling their ability to succeed. It’s a true testimony to his insight into breeding and raising his own racehorses.”